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Spinach Salad with Goldsmith Garlic Vinaigrette

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Spinach has always been one of my favourite flowering plants to consume. From your traditional spinach salad you used to find in all the local pubs, to sautéing it with garlic and butter, or simply throwing it in a creamy pasta dish right before serving. You name it, I love it!

When I was in my early 20's, my favourite salad at the local pub was the spinach salad. This naturally included spinach, white onions, mushrooms, bacon bits, boiled egg and mozzarella. Boston Pizza's version was always my favourite. These days I see spinach salad on the menu and they've made it trendy with candied pecans and some kind of fruit. I have never been a fan of the fruit trend in salads. Then again I have never accepted change that well in general, so this could be another one of those things, why mess with a good thing!

Spinach has its nutritional benefits most of us already know, like low calories, a good source of vitamins and minerals. Most importantly! It pairs very well with Goldsmith's Garlic Vinaigrette. This dressing has complimented nicely with most salads I have put together if not all of them. However, I find the bitter leaf lettuce or vegetables like, arugula, spinach and kale are becoming my favourite. Kale being closer to a member of wild cabbage the possibilities are truly endless.

I didn't have all the ingredients this afternoon to create what I would consider to be a traditional spinach salad. But I had enough to improvise. Todays lunch includes a spinach salad drizzled with Goldsmith's Garlic Vinaigrette! Check us out on our social media for easy ways to use Goldsmith Dressings.


Spinach Salad: Spinach, white onions, grape tomatoes, parmesan, bacon bits & boiled egg.

1 Tbls of Goldsmith's Garlic Vinaigrette

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